Human Horizons HiPhi Super SUV

Redefining Technological Innovation & Luxury
in Passenger Vehicles

Introducing the HiPhi X Super SUV. A vehicle that has caught the attention of many in the automotive industry due to its innovative technology and luxurious features. While it is not yet available in the United States, the HiPhi X is often regarded as ‘a car of the future’ due to its advanced features and ability to connect with the latest IoT technology.

Human Horizons, the company behind the HiPhi X, has prioritized user needs, technological innovation, and co-creation throughout the development of the vehicle. This has resulted in a vehicle that challenges existing passenger vehicle standards and provides drivers with a unique experience. The HiPhi X is equipped with a smart lighting system and an intuitive AI-powered interactive visual display, which provides drivers with greater control and enhances their driving experience.

The latest additions to the HiPhi X range, the 6-seater Creative Extended Range Edition, and Intelligent Extended Range Edition, utilize the latest in IoT technology to connect, control, and monitor the operation of the vehicle. The open architecture allows third-party developers and regular users to program the vehicle, creating innovative visual displays according to their mood.

Customers can choose from a range of tire rims and interior trims of different colors and materials. The HiPhi X range is composed of smart all-electric vehicles with a lightweight hybrid aluminum-steel construction, and sustainable vegan leathers and recyclable materials, adding to the sustainability of Human Horizons’ EV products.

The HiPhi X Super SUV is a vehicle that embodies innovation and luxury. Its advanced features and user-centric design make it a vehicle worth considering for those looking for a unique driving experience. Although it is not yet available in the United States, the HiPhi X is a vehicle to keep an eye on in the future.