Say hello to the hidden gem of Central Florida. Horizon West is setting the stage for home buyers, and it’s happening right in our backyard. Construction permits are being granted to build new homes in the south-west sector, including Horizon West’s abundant 25,000 acres. Picturesque, modernized villages located waterside are highly walkable and astoundingly convenient to village and town centers. Catering to the wave of new residents, commercial and retail projects are being put into place, making our local community watch this new lifestyle unfold in anticipation and awe.

The growing community invites a new way of living. Living waterside has never been so modernized. Horizon West offers an urban dream, making remodeling not even a thought with its contemporary neighborhoods. Buyers are presented with an abundance of homesite options. Around 15,000 homes and five apartment complexes have already been built and are move-in ready. With more than 4,600 more homesites in the making, this is the place to be. Waterleigh by D.R. Horton, Horizon West’s largest neighborhood, could potentially be home to up to 3,600 houses. The 1,400-acre site contains more than a dozen bodies of water. With two resort-style clubhouses, a community garden, mini-golf course, and a sports field, Waterleigh is the perfect place for lighthearted entertainment. Another up and coming neighborhood is Overlook at Hamlin by Taylor Morrison Homes. Containing 381 homes, Hamlin’s retail sector and boardwalk are within walking distance. With a clubhouse, pool, splash park, playground, and an amphitheater, family’s are encouraged and celebrated.

Inhabiting the heart of the Horizon West Town Center, Hamlin’s transpiring desired destination is bound to be rival to many of our popular charming communities. The Hamlin Market is going to be home to a retail and dining experience, and construction is to begin the second-quarter of 2019. Already flourishing, a Walmart Supercenter and a Publix have recently opened, as well as dozens of retail shops and restaurants. The Lake District also has a luxurious dine-in cineplex featuring leather reclining seats, dining, and a full bar. Hamlin gives the community something close to home to look forward to as well, as Bosphorus, Winter Park’s Turkish cuisine, will open this year. Horizon West’s centerpiece, once completed, will include up to 2 million square feet of retail shops, restaurants, hotels, medical facilities, office spaces, and Orlando’s newest entertainment mecca.

Accompanying Horizon West’s emergence, Winter Garden is strengthening its magnetic pull to different crowds. Downtown Winter Garden holds a specific historic charm to its synergy. Residents of Horizon will be inclined to visit its Downtown Historic District as a breath of fresh air. With a perfect collaboration of a vintage background and an added trendy aspect from new shops and restaurants, downtown Winter Garden is building an even greater reputation. A revamp of a 6-mile stretch of roadway will interconnect Winter Garden and Ocoee with economic traffic. In effort to build an Art and Design District, the city partnered with the Winter Garden Arts Association to create a visual arts hub that now has a gallery and a teaching facility. Living and studio spaces will be considerably offered to artists. Formally known for a quaint farm town, Winter Garden is transforming, catering to the hipster epidemic by upholding a trendy environment.

Horizon West’s “New Suburbanism” inspired expansion has ample opportunities for real estate, businesses, and adored locals. Its connectivity and intimate environment makes the appeal of this community so strong. The intricate planning and thought that’s developing Horizon West is already proving success, and there’s more to come.