Regrow Your Hair With the Power of PRP


By now you may be familiar with or have heard about the “vampire facial” an all-natural treatment that uses your own blood to help rejuvenate the skin. What you probably don’t know is that there is a similar treatment that also uses your own blood and can restore hair loss. This treatment is called Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy.

Our blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Plasma is the part of the blood which carries blood cells and nutrients throughout the body. Platelets are tiny cells in the blood which speed to the injury, to form a clot and repair the damage. Platelets are known as the powerhouses of growth factors that stimulate tissue recovery by increasing blood flow. They are also responsible for stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function. Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma is what is injected directly into the scalp. This concentrated PRP is purely platelets from which red and white blood cells are removed.

The PRP hair process begins with the application of a topical numbing cream around the scalp to keep the patient comfortable during the treatment. The patient’s own blood is then drawn, and then placed in a centrifuge for about ten minutes. The centrifuge spins the blood at a fast pace to separate the lighter plasma from the rest of the blood. The isolated platelet rich plasma is stimulated to begin releasing growth factors that will help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

The entire PRP hair therapy process is precise, with injections across the scalp, into the peaks (if necessary) and over the area of thinning hair, but the entire treatment only takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. At Spa Blue, we prefer to also perform micro needling along with PRP Hair Therapy. A micro needling pen is used to create tiny holes on the scalp. These micro injuries to the scalp promote the skin’s repair process by naturally boosting collagen and elastin, creating the right environment for your own hair to regrow. The micro channels created by the injuries support the fast absorption of the injected Platelet Rich Plasma. The injuries cause the platelets to release growth factors at the injury site and stimulate inactive hair follicles to begin the production of new hair, in areas that were dormant.

With PRP Hair Therapy, there is no downtime. He or she can go back to their normal routine immediately post procedure. As far as results, female patients will start experiencing regrowth as early as six weeks and most men patients typically have the best results at month six. Patients can get a package of treatments, once a month, for three months, or even just one treatment once a year to maintain. We always recommend a consult prior to the treatment that way we can customize a treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs and goals. Janet Beres, PA-C and owner of Spa Blue is a Certified PRP Provider and has an advanced background in dermatology, cosmetic procedures, and hair transplant surgery. She has over 18 years of experience and strives to stay informed of the latest anti-aging procedures and cosmeceuticals for patients to achieve the most superior and natural results.


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