Lippman Law Offices, P.A.

Mark Lippman has always considered himself a litigator first, which is why being a lawyer never seemed like “work”, and it shows. Lippman Law Offices, a 19-year old law office, serves clients in the areas of criminal defense, civil and business litigation, and most notably, the firm’s landlord/tenant division.


As a recognized leader in the landlord/tenant world, Lippman Law represents several Fortune 500 companies whose portfolios rely on the firm to handle hundreds of cases across the state through partnering with their property management and national executive teams to work towards a positive legal resolution. Lippman Law is continuing to expand this division, adding staff to support increased demand, and streamline client needs. 


The firm also represents mom-and-pop owners, as well as tenants where Lippman can bring a case to resolution, or hold a party accountable in a court of law.

Lippman is of the school of thought that, “Picking up the phone and making a call immediately is a great place to start.” Many attorneys forget that having a conversation can help resolve a matter, and get both sides to where they need to be,” Lippman adds. “Doing better for our clients is where we try to differentiate ourselves from others,” noted Lippman. Lippman and his staff leverage their experience to first try to achieve a resolution before litigation. “Between our seasoned staff and the 23 years I have been practicing law, picking up the phone is sometimes the only thing an issue needs to be resolved.”


A graduate from the University of Miami, and having earned his J.D. from Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law Center, the Sunshine State native loves raising his two teenage daughters in Florida. With over 1,000 trials and over 200 jury trials under his belt, Mark is a regular commentator on local and national TV news stations.

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