Neuromuscular Director

Dr. Nivedita (Niva) Uberoi Jerath is from Augusta, Georgia and found herself blessed to have trained at some of the best institutions in the country– Harvard University (for undergraduate and for neurology residency), Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and University of Iowa for her neuromuscular and clinical neurophysiology fellowships. Passionate to help her patients, she was honored to be a Director of Neuromuscular Medicine in Orlando where since 2019, she has led her program to be recognized nationally by the Muscular Dystrophy Association, ALS association, Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. She is also the principal investigator for multiple neuromuscular clinical trials. She specializes in connecting with her patients and in solving some of the most challenging neuromuscular cases. She wants not only to be an icon for modern neuromuscular medicine but also to celebrate her patients with neuromuscular disorders and to recognize their amazing achievements despite their disabilities that were most often no fault of their own. Being stylish helps Dr. Jerath bring joy to her patients.

She encourages her patients to use nature, which inspires her and balances her busy life. Nature is healing and connects us back to the fundamental element of the human soul. Smelling the fresh air, feeling the gentle breeze, enjoying the music of the crickets, soaking the soft raindrops, and seeing the beautiful views of nature can refresh us daily. Nature reminds us that we are all connected by the same energy.  When Dr. Jerath played competitive tennis, the sweet song of the birds would fill her heart with joy and positivity. Connecting with nature can heal and remind us to live in the present moment, focusing on the simplicity of life and on the thoughts that make us feel happy.

265 E Rollins St, Orlando FL 32804 | P: 407-303-6729
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