Eugene Ofori Agyei

Where Is Home? Home is Where I Belong, Now – August 27, 2023
at Rollins Museum of Art

Where is Home? is Eugene Ofori Agyei’s debut solo exhibition, showcasing his sculptures and installations that explore belonging, displacement, identity, memory, and dislocation. Agyei, born in Ghana in 1993, relocated to the United States in 2020, encountering a politically charged atmosphere and societal challenges. Settling in Gainesville, Florida, for his graduate studies, Agyei draws from these experiences to inform his Ghanaian-American journey. The exhibition features recent works incorporating African batik fabrics, yarn, ceramics, and everyday objects infused with personal and cultural significance. Accompanied by a video projection and the artist’s statements, Where is Home? prompts contemplation on belonging and identity. Agyei, currently residing and working in Gainesville, FL, was the recipient of the Pathways 2022: The Carlos Malamud Prize.

Mediated Terrain

Perspectives of a Reenvisioned Landscape
Now – August 27, 2023 at Rollins Museum of Art

Native American artist Kay WalkingStick challenges the traditional concept of landscape painting by asking, “What does the earth metaphorically convey to us?” This exhibition goes beyond capturing beauty and explores alternative approaches based on the artists’ unique experiences. Through various media, including artists Romare Howard Bearden, David Benjamin Sherry, and Kay WalkingStick, the social dimension of our connection to the land is examined. Works by Arthur Bowen Davies, Nancy Graves, Maya Lin, and Brett Weston delve into themes of environmental preservation, contemplation, and history, emphasizing the interconnectedness between humans and their environment. Mediated Terrain prompts reflection on existing perceptions of nature and encourages viewers to reimagine their relationship with their surroundings. The exhibition was guest curated by Abbey Matusik ‘23, the Fred Hicks Curatorial Fellow at the RMA.

Together Again: Local and Global Connection

Now – August 27, 2023
at Rollins Museum of Art

In an era of technology and social media, how do we define togetherness and its impact on relationships? This exhibition explores unique perspectives on community, emphasizing unity and connections. Titled “Together Again,” it features works by Allen Fireall, Meschac Gaba, Susan Knox, Pedro Reyes, and Yinka Shonibare, prompting reflection on personal connections and our role in the global community.