Everything you need to know about making the
switch to vegan cosmetics

Now more than ever, people are making compassionate choices about the products they use every day. You’re probably more likely to read the ingredients on a box of cereal than a tube of mascara, and you’re not alone. While veganism is becoming a popular diet choice among health and environmentally conscious people, many don’t know about the vegan options available for the areas of their lives that aren’t food related, like clothes, cosmetics, and makeup products. People overlook the fact that the ingredients in makeup products are often filled with animal-derived components that can be detrimental to your skin and health.

When a product is advertised as cruelty-free, that does not necessarily make it vegan. Cruelty-free products are simply not tested on animals, while true vegan cosmetics do not contain any ingredients extracted from animals, including insects. According to People Ethical Treatment of Animals, beeswax and honeycomb are some of the most commonly used additives in products like eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and other face makeup. Not to be a “buzz-kill,” but the bees need their own wax in order to provide for offspring and preserve honey for the winter. Without healthy bees to pollinate crops, our future looks devastating. That’s just one of the many reasons to start buying vegan cosmetics.

When it comes to integrating values with beauty, vegan makeup is the perfect place to start. Among the good of supporting a worthy cause, it’s also better suited for sensitive skin. Although many vegan cosmetics can be far more expensive than non-vegan cosmetics, you may want to consider spending a pretty penny in order to reap the benefits. Ingredients like honey and lecithin, a byproduct found in the nervous tissue of living organisms, are often used in lipsticks and liquid powders and can cause allergic reactions in certain users. Vegan products are seen as superior because they have fewer ingredients, and the ingredients are more natural. These products are less likely to cause or aggravate acne, rashes, dry skin, or other skin conditions, and can even heal damaged skin with its wholesome qualities.

Wondering how to take the leap and find vegan makeup products to shop for? PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program is the answer to your vegan prayers. It is designed to share information about companies that sell cruelty-free and vegan products. With more than 4,200 companies in their database, you’ll need to look no further. A few of the companies listed as cruelty-free and vegan include Adorn Cosmetics, whose slogan is “luxury without the guilt,” and Babydoll Cosmetics, who specialize in premium quality false eyelashes. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to support veganism, brands like ELF and Milani offer some vegan options for a fraction of the cost of other companies.

Making the choice to purchase vegan makeup not only impacts your own health and wellness, but the future of the animals and the environment that we live in.