Out & About-Welcome Back to Baldwin Park1

When looking to buy a house, we look for more than a sturdy structure – We look for a home that is part of a collective in which we can easily merge. Baldwin Park is an upscale residential area in Orlando that is more than just a collection of apartments, condos, and houses – it is a community.

A former US Navy base, Baldwin Park was reconstructed for residential zoning in early 2000 and named after Robert H. Baldwin, the former secretary of the Navy. The area still retains some of its military history; the VA hospital is still located there, as well as a few other military offices.

The true charm in Baldwin Park, however, lies in the sense of community you feel as soon as you arrive in the area. As you drive along, you may see a young professional out for a run, families playing in their yards, young mothers walking their dogs and pushing strollers while the elderly chat on their porches. The main street, New Broad Street, has the essence of Charleston, South Carolina and serves as a one stop shopping area to meet all the community’s needs.

The local Publix serves as the main grocer and there are several local restaurants offering a buffet of options, everything from Italian to sushi to fine dining. No area would be complete without a sports bar and a local watering hole- Gator’s Dockside CaddyShanks share the title, and the latter boasts a virtual golf course. Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory is a great location for date night or a girls’ night out, where parties can spend an evening creating their favorite chocolate candies together. Victoria Jewelers in Baldwin Park is a specialty shop that can fix most types of jewelry, including John Hardy’s specialty clasps.

Out & About-Welcome Back to Baldwin Park2

For families, there’s a gymnastics gym and swimming pool, a dance studio, and a martial arts studio where children can follow their dreams while learning new skills. There is also an “off leash” dog park located on Lake Baldwin where dogs are able to exercise and interact with other pups. With a pathway that goes around its full circumference, Lake Baldwin is great for walking, running, or biking.

To promote a cohesive sense of community, the homeowner’s association holds exciting events for its residents every month. From chili cook-offs to Fourth of July festivals complete with fireworks, every gathering offers opportunity for comradery. On the first Friday of every month, New Broad Street is turned into an outdoor market where residents can shop for everything from locally grown produce to the latest in street food fare, and every weekend you can find live music at either Gator’s Dockside or Upton Park Wine Bar.

Although Baldwin Park is located only three miles from downtown Orlando, the appeal is that it doesn’t feel busy and rushed like the rest of the city. In the future, the Baldwin Park area is looking to diversify vendors, so it can better serve its current and future residents. Currently, Baldwin Park has four apartment complexes, a collection of condos and townhouses, single family homes and multi-million dollar mansions to accommodate and attract everyone from the young bachelor to the settled family. Baldwin Park is still growing, and it has the potential to be one of Orlando’s top neighborhoods. A community that ensures there is truly something for everyone.

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