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Born and raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Dr. Zoyara Reyes discovered a passion for healthcare early on in her career as a Chief Operating Officer of a medical equipment company. In her role as COO, she began noticing that many common diagnoses had seemingly preventable causes.

Her observations led her to believe that true healing must be about more than biology, chemistry, and symptom suppression in the physical body. The emotional, energetic and functional aspects of healthcare appeared to be overlooked.

Her curiosity would soon lead her to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, where she enjoyed exploring neurology, chemistry, and the treatment philosophy of chiropractic care. Her particular fascination was balancing the vital body systems to accelerate treatment results and improve recovery outcomes.

Dr. Reyes continues to explore the powerful relationship between thoughts, feelings, and medical conditions. Understanding this relationship guided her through the pandemic as patients presented with psychological challenges in addition to their physical traumas and ailments.

Thanks to traditional and modern scientific advances, we have traced the root of many common chronic issues back to preventable causes. Of course, stress is at the top of this list.

“As a woman who has experienced the stress of highly demanding careers for over a decade, I understand the need for us to create balance! I know the effects firsthand, so I am a huge advocate for allowing wellness in our lives,” says Dr. Reyes.

Dr. Reyes is continually evolving her practice as patients recommend friends and family members for more than just chiropractic care. “They began to call me to talk about life, fears, relationships, and stress management. It is amazing to see the embodiment and practice of wellness changing so many lives and overcoming diagnoses. It is encouraging to see greater awareness of wellness and disease prevention in our modern world and culture.”

Her patients celebrate Dr. Reyes for her unique combination of empowering communication, intuitive chiropractic treatment, and genuine belief in the power of healing.

Dr. Reyes is the creator of INARA, a hybrid practice where she offers in-office and virtual services. To learn more about INARA and Dr. Zoyara Reyes, find her on IG @dr.zreyes or @inara_experience.