Thomas Cole, (American, 1801-1848), Catskill Mountain House, The Four Elements

American Visions

Recent Additions to the Collection, September 9 – January 7, 2023
at Rollins Museum of Art

In recent years, the Rollins Museum of Art’s American collection has grown significantly. Over thirty remarkable paintings from the 18th to early 20th century were acquired through gifts and loans, enhancing the collection and providing a more detailed history of American art. These additions include new artists (John Singer Sargent, Thomas Cole, Benjamin West, George Inness, Martin Johnson Heade) and diverse genres alongside existing painters like Robert Henri and William Merritt Chase. Notably, they also strengthen the representation of 19th century women artists (Elizabeth Emmet LeRoy, Lilian Thomas Schmidt, Jane Stuart) and reinforce already strong genres like 19th century landscape painting (including works by Thomas Moran, John Henry Twachtman, Herman Herzog, etc.). Dr. Grant Hamming, former American Art Research Fellow at the RMA, authored the accompanying exhibition catalog.

Felice Ficherelli , (1605-1660), St. Sebastian Tended by Saint Irene

Beyond the Medici

The Haukohl Family Collection
September 9, 2023 – January 7, 2024 at Rollins Museum of Art

The exhibit features a curated selection from the Haukohl Family Collection, the most extensive private compilation of Florentine Baroque artwork spanning the 16th to 18th centuries. Accumulated over 35 years by Houston-based art enthusiast and Medici Archives co-founder, Sir Mark Haukohl, this collection makes its Florida debut following a comprehensive European tour. Showcasing paintings and sculptures portraying allegories, religious stories, genre scenes, and portraits, the display illuminates Florence’s intellectual evolution during the rule of the Medici Grand Dukes. Simultaneously, it underscores the profound intersection of Florentine Baroque with science and art grounded in “disegno” (sketch or preliminary study). The exhibition underscores that the influence of 17th and early 18th-century Florentine artists on European art history goes beyond previous perceptions among art researchers and the wider public.

What’s New? Recent Acquisitions

September 9, 2023 – January 7, 2024 at Rollins Museum of Art

This collection embodies our ongoing dedication to obtaining diverse artworks across different periods and mediums, aligning with our educational mission and liberal arts curriculum. Look forward to themed exhibitions that contextualize these pieces. Notable artists like Domenico Pagano, Amy Sherald, and Jacques Villon are featured in this rotation.

Domenico Pagano, (Italian, 1851 – 1912), Portrait of a Berber Girl, 1893