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“Always stand by your clients. Always do what’s right by them. And when they tell you their hopes for the final verdict, you listen. Because you’re the only person in the world who can deliver.”  -Chad Frost

Respected criminal defense & family law attorney. Experienced trial lawyer. Talented former prosecutor. Since 2010 Chad Frost has advocated for governments, families, and individuals, all with remarkable results. His secret? To listen to his clients, to understand their circumstances, and to be their rock in court, no matter how great the odds are against them.

As a former prosecutor Mr. Frost knows how hostile the courtroom can be for those accused of a DUI, a misdemeanor or a felony charge. As a former litigator with family law experience, he knows the fears, anger and frustrations which make divorces and child support cases so painful. It takes a steady hand and aggressive advocacy to overcome these impediments. Mr. Frost has proven time and again that he is prepared for every eventuality. And up for any challenge.    

Raised in Central Florida, Mr. Frost quickly set himself apart from his peers as a quick study with ambitious dreams. By 2010 he had received his Doctor of Law from Loyola University New Orleans’ College of Law. He launched his legal career as an intern for the New Orleans’ DA office, one of the busiest DA offices in the country. Two years later, he began work at the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida as one of the court’s most reliable criminal prosecutors. 

Mr. Frost worked tirelessly for the state from 2012 to 2017, but felt compelled to serve the people of Florida in a different capacity. In 2017, he left his job as Assistant State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court to open up his own criminal defense and family law firm, Frost Law. As the lead trial attorney at Frost Law, Mr. Frost has a renewed purpose and more freedom than ever to be a legal champion to the people of Orlando. 

Mr. Frost is a rarity in the world of criminal defense and family law—an attorney who has achieved success on both sides of the justice system. In many cases, it takes a former prosecutor to truly know what you’re up against. Mr. Frost provides this perspective and stands by his clients. 

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