Conduct your own date night with Orlando’s Sunrail

Looking for a perfect date night or happy hour place to spend it with someone special? We have a idea for you and its on a whole other level. I’m sure you have seen or heard of the Sunrail here in Orlando. Whether you’ve rode it yourself or have had to stop in traffic to let it go by, the Sunrail can be more than just a train taking people to and from work.

The Sunrail has many stations and stops but the ones we want to focus on are the ones with all the nice and delicious restaurants. You can start off anywhere really, but typically you would want to start at Downtown or Park Ave. Downtown has many options to choose from that are walking distance from the station, such as Kres Chophouse — a fancy, delicious steakhouse, El Buda — a Latin, Asian cuisine, Harry Buffalo’s — an more casual bar but with great American food!

The next stop is Winter Park. Once you’re off the train you’ll be right in front of Park Ave. There, the dinner choices are endless. Bosphorous — an exquisite Turkish place serving kebabs, falafel & lamb dishes. This place will not disappoint. Luma on Park — a high-end hot spot bringing together a modern aesthetic & a seasonal New American menu.  There are also dessert places to go and try out too!

You don’t have to stop there! You can stop at Ivanhoe village or Lake Mary and let the night (and train) take you wherever you want date night to go!