Dovecote Restaurant

We all know french cuisine is known for the exotic spices and ingredients used to make wonderful and savory dishes. I mean come on, they eat snails, but it’s delicious and a delicacy! If you are craving a dinner or lunch out of the regular, visit DoveCote, located in Downtown Orlando… you will not regret it! This modern, french brasserie brings an array of steaks, seafood, chicken, and game. Also the extensive wine/champagne, beer, and cocktail program is meticulously prepared and served to enhance our guests’ experience while complementing this comfort cuisine. Making the experience even more inviting, DoveCote suites all occasions, with outdoor seating, private dining, a great hall, and a very spirited dining room and bar. 

Above we have Goat Cheese Ravioli made with salmon tartare and a wispy beet froth. This is Chef Clay Miller’s take on a classic inspiration.  Light and savory, the flavors blend perfectly to melt in your mouth.  Onions in the salmon tartare add a crunch that compliments the rich goat cheese.  The eggy home-made pasta is a neighborhood favorite.

Accompanied with the ravioli is the DC Grog, made from hibiscus, milk-washed rum, spiced maple syrup, and savory, citrus milk.  A dash of absinthe is added to give it a kick, but is subtle.  The maple syrup is made with cloves and cinnamon that adds just the right spice.  Garnished with limes and sprinkled with nutmeg, this drink looks just as good as it tastes.  The fusion of sweet hibiscus and woodsy spices bring a unique flavor that is the best of both worlds. 

Bank of America Building
390 North Orange Ave, Suite 110
Orlando, Florida