Popping Walls & Good Lighting

With so many technological advances, it’s no surprise more and more people are working from home these days. Working from home allows space for saving gas and childcare. Besides that, it allows you to separate more time for family. Laboring at home also brings freedom to decorate the work space in any way you’d like. Whether you are just beginning to adorn your area or you are remodeling it, here are two helpful tips to always implement!

Decorate your walls

An important aspect of an office environment is its atmosphere. How well does it inspire you? A good tip is to avoid bare walls. Add splashes of color by hanging chosen pieces of artwork or a canvas with your  favorable quotes.

Let there be light

Good lighting is key in nice spacing. First, consider natural light. Where is your window located? It is often a good idea to situate your desk nearby it. Gazing out of a window as the sunlight strikes can spark some useful inspiration in your daily work. If you desire a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere during the night, chase after ambient lighting. Use rope or string lights and position them in a creative format. Hang a collection of pictures on the walls and place the lights around them for decoration. Ambient radiance can be a good stress reliever.


New Year, New Colors

2018 is moving in a new direction. Goodbye, pastel tones! It’s all about bold hues this year: red, blues, vibrant greens. Neutral palettes have made an exit and it seems like they’ll be taking more of a background position on interior walls. For example, you can have a bold color such as hot pink, but different shades of the same tone. Jazz up your home space by adding a few statement colors!