Belt Bag

The fanny pack just got an upgrade

There’s a new trend in purse wear that people either absolutely love or absolutely hate: the belt bag (you may remember the belt bag’s old, ugly cousin, the fanny pack). Couture brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Faustine Steinmetz are all making their own variations of the infamous bag – and they’re cute. They have taken the idea of fanny packs and spun them into a trend that might just stick around. Some strap across your chest horizontally, while others wrap around your hips or waist like a belt. They are an absolute staple this summer for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about lugging around a heavy purse that just gets in the way when trying to do anything remotely fun.

It’s no secret that when most people think of fanny packs they think of the weird neighbor they used to have or the tourist at Disney World that tries to cut you in line, but no longer! Belt bags are not only trendy, but they’re useful. They combine the cuteness of a purse with the convenience of a fanny pack. What more could one really ask for? 

Cork sandals

It’s not just for your cork board

Cork board has been making a slow and steady rise to fame in the fashion industry. It’s been utilized in almost every accessory you can think of, ranging from purses to shoes and even to watches. Cork board heels are our personal favorite. They go with almost any outfit, giving you an effortless, trendy look in seconds. They can also be easily dressed up or down (which is a definite bonus in our book). Our favorite way to pair these shoes is with white skinny jeans and an off the shoulder top, perfect for date night or a casual day on the town!