Arwani Law Firm PLLC.

Mother, wife, family law attorney, business owner, women’s rights advocate and philanthropist are just some of the hats Rania Arwani wears on a daily basis.

Although, as the daughter of business owners, learning the ins and outs of the family business through nightly discussions around the dinner table, Arwani never expected she would one day own her own business. Her first plan was to be a stock market analyst.  However, after graduating and working in that field for a short period of time, she felt that something was missing.

“I realized analyzing the stock market was not my passion,” she said. A personal epiphany led her to discover an unexpected career path: “I was born to be an attorney,” she added. “It’s my true calling.”

Although changing career paths wasn’t easy, she knew it was something she needed to do. Her inspiration came from watching another attorney passionately advocate for the women she represented. One day in particular, as that attorney stood in the courtroom and gave voice to a young, frightened and abused woman who could not speak up for herself, Arwani looked on in awe, and thought to herself, “that’s what I want to do with my life.”

“Change can be scary,” Arwani said. “But if you take the time to look at others for inspiration and advice, your journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one. It’s important to realize your passion, but it’s just as important you not be afraid to ask for help and guidance when you need it.”

Once she acknowledged her true purpose, she relentlessly pursued it and worked countless hours to achieve her goal. Like many women, though, she found difficulty in trying to find the balance between work and home. Some days, she says, feels she has three full-time jobs, wife and mother, attorney and business owner, and those days tend to be very hectic. Her secret to making it work, however, is to always remember to take time to create those special memories with her children while they are young.

“We love to visit the Magic Kingdom,” Arwani said. “It’s a regular weekend spot for us.”

Arwani and her legal team are committed to resolving their clients’ complex legal issues, helping families find common ground, and reducing conflict and tension.

“Divorce is rarely easy,” said Arwani. “Our goal is to create an environment where families can work together to resolve their differences and move forward with their lives. Our philosophy here at Arwani Law Firm is that it is possible for our clients to move from a place of failure of a marriage to a place of acceptance and then, hopefully, to a point where they can envision a positive transformation and future for themselves and their families. It’s a privilege to be chosen to help them through this difficult transition, and we take this responsibility very seriously.”

On a global scale, Arwani said her mission is to make a difference in the fight against domestic violence. She is driven by this mission in all aspects of her life and seeks to inspire others to do the same. Arwani is committed to use her knowledge, talents and resources in the fight against domestic violence. In addition to representing women through her practice, she volunteers for the Orange County Legal Aid Society in representing abused women and children. Her goal is to educate women in abusive relationship to identify the signs of abuse, and encourage them to speak up, not only for themselves but also for their children.

“If I can save the life of just one woman or one child through my fight against the scourge of domestic violence and violent abusers,” said Arwani, “all my life’s work will be worth it.”