Director of Sports Medicine and Trauma Orlando Hand Surgery Associates

Dr. Jason Pirozzolo is the Director of Sports Medicine and Trauma at Orlando Hand Surgery Associates where he specializes in cutting edge non-surgical orthopedic treatment options.  “Historically, we have focused on upper extremity orthopedic problems, specifically involving the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands,” says Dr. Pirozzolo. “With new regenerative treatment options now available, we have expanded our services to include stem cell and platelet rich plasma injections to all areas of the body.”

Dr. Pirozzolo completed his internship and residency at Duke University, and fellowship at Ohio State University where he participated as one of the team physicians at both institutions. While in residency, he received his certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Currently, he is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Florida State University and serves on the Board of Governors at the Florida Medical Association.  He is also an elected member of the Florida Delegation to the American Medical Association.

“What separates Orlando Hand Surgery Associates from other practices is how our physicians work closely together in order to provide the individualized care a patient needs,” says Dr. Pirozzolo. “I am honored to work with three of the best surgeons in the southeast. We have Dr. Brian White and Dr. George White, both nationally respected microvascular surgeons specializing in shoulders to hands. They are very well complemented by Dr. Anup Patel, who is a Yale and NYU trained plastic surgeon.”

Dr. Pirozzolo is also the President of the American Regenerative Medicine Society which is largely focused on research and development of new cost effective non-surgical stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatments that will ultimately help his Central Florida patients, and his patients from around the world.

“Being on the forefront of treatment options that can potentially postpone a large knee replacement, shoulder replacement, or a wrist fusion is very exciting. These regenerative modalities can help our patients live life pain free on their own terms, by not backing them into a pre-set treatment algorithm directing patients to a premature joint prostheses or salvage procedure.”

In addition to medicine, Dr. Pirozzolo is also a FAA certified pilot and flies everything from helicopters to jets. In fact, every year since 2009, he has flown his airplane up to Tallahassee during session where he is privileged to be in the chamber of the House of Representatives to serve as the physician for our elected State legislators and their staff.