Chiropractic – Coaching – Vitality

Dr. Zoyara Reyes believes in a unique kind of wellness…

The kind of wellness which allows every part of one’s life to flourish alongside one’s health.

The kind of wellness aimed to grow your business, feed your passions, enhance your relationships and add to the overall zest of life.

The kind of wellness which can only be described as an experience…

– An experience beyond a “typical visit to the chiro.”

– An experience that highlights the powerful connection between thoughts, feelings, and

health conditions through genuine and open communication.

– An experience that integrates chiropractic care, coaching principles, holistic therapies, and

innovative methods to address each patient’s individual needs.

It’s the kind of wellness you have to experience…

“As a woman who has experienced the stress of highly demanding careers for over a decade, I understand the need for us to create balance & wellness in our lifestyles! I know the effects firsthand, so I am a huge advocate for allowing wellness in our lives,” says Dr. Reyes.

Dr. Reyes is the creator of INARA and co-founder of The Wellness House in Winter Park, FL, offering in-office and virtual services. To learn more about Dr. Zoyara Reyes and her practice, find her on IG @dr.zreyes or 


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