Astonishing Ashera



Wealthy people buy expensive cars or even expensive bags to fulfill their spending urges. However, why buy bags and cars if you can buy something extremely out of the ordinary, like a cat? Cats are among the most popular pets in the world, and we as humans often find that there is no price when getting one of our own. For some people an average regular pet is just not enough for them; in fact, the rarer it is, the more people are willing to buy it. So why not an Ashera cat? The Ashera cats are becoming wealthy people’s favorite cat. “Why?” you may ask. Well, they are seen as one of the rarest, largest and most expensive cats in the world. It has some exotic feline bloodline which also includes a domestic cat that will make it possible for you to have as a pet. This luxurious cat has become one of many popular breeds for those wealthy cat lovers.

Many people are opting out from buying a regular house cat and switching over to the luxurious new cat that was created, yes I said created, with many other breeds. Lifestyle Pets created the hybrid cats for those who are normally are allergic to them and eventually created one of the rarest cats there is, which is said to only breed about 100 of the cats a year, with only about 50 cats being sold in the U.S. The only thing this cat damages is your wallet, which can retail up to $125,000. That makes it one of the world’s most expensive house cats available to the public. The Ashera cat is a type of cat that is a cross between an African Serval, an Asian Leopard and a domestic house cat. The cat can range up to 30 pounds and can grow to be around 4 feet long, which is considered to be the largest cat within the house cat line.

This eye-catching cat has a more distinctive look than any other cat in the market. This cat has spots and stripes all around the body that can be said to resemble a leopard, however, these cats are amicable and still can be treated as a regular house cat. The Ashera cats are great temperament, love to be around children, and even enjoy being walked on a leash. So next time you consider getting a pet, why not get the rarest and most luxurious one of all to show off your worth?