At Gator Night Shine After Hours

Adventure Tour at Gatorland


October is upon us, and Orlando is getting into full swing with Halloween attractions galore to quench your thirst for fear-induced adrenaline rushes. Everyone knows that Halloween Horror Nights at Universal is always good for a frightful night, and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween is guaranteed fun for the whole family. But if you’re looking to experience a new kind of thrill that you can only get in Florida, look no further than Gator Night Shine at Gatorland.

The Gator Night Shine adventure takes you deep into the domain of Florida’s most famous reptile, the alligator! Armed with only a flashlight and a few hot dogs, you bravely make your way along the winding, wooden walkways of Gatorland’s Alligator Breeding Marsh. The sounds of the night come alive around you as the rustle of feathers overhead and the splashing and grunting in the water below trigger your primal senses and let you know that you’re not alone out in the dark of night.

Turning your flashlight toward the water, you suddenly become aware of hundreds of hungry, glowing, red eyes slowly making their way closer… It’s now your turn to experience the “Real Florida.”

A fun and educational tour for kids of all ages, Gatorland’s Gator Night Shine Tour is one swamp-stompin’ adventure you don’t want to miss!

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