Top Wedding Flowers

Getting married this year and worried about your flowers looking outdated? We’ve got you covered. Flowers are a major part of a wedding and this spring we have a few different trends for all your floral needs. For this year’s weddings we are seeing an increase in monochromatic palettes, floral moon gates, and sustainable options such as potted plants.

The monochromatic flower palette has been on the rise with all white, green, and pink being the most popular colors of the season. This look is great for intimate whimsical garden weddings, industrial-chic, and nautical weddings. The best way to achieve this monochromatic look is by utilizing various types of flowers of the same hue and making your centerpieces different heights to create a more contemporary look.

Moreover, the potted plant flower arrangement has become popular as people are choosing this more sustainable option. This floral arrangement looks best at outdoor bohemian, garden, and woodland themed weddings. By utilizing pots, the wedding couple is able to get creative and make the arrangement reflect their style. For this look you can use topiaries or hanging centerpieces along with escort card alternatives to implement a rustic look.

Another popular floral arrangement for weddings are the floral moon gates. This fun flower arrangement is a twist on the traditional wedding arch and creates a magnificent backdrop for any ceremony. Florists have been seen creating full or half-moon gates while utilizing various types of flowers. This look works exceptionally well in outdoor fall weddings in a field, in bohemian style ceremonies, and on the beach. During the wedding ceremony the floral moon gate can be styled at the altar and for the reception you can repurpose it to create a beautiful photobooth backdrop for your guests.