There’s no place on Earth like The Bahamas. It almost seems like the entire chain of 700 islands was imagined and created by some ancient person with a passion for intense beauty and tranquility. While Tahiti, Fiji and Polynesia have their stunning beaches and coral reefs, no other place else on Earth can match the accessibility, beauty, friendliness and affordability of The Bahamas. If you add unmatched snorkeling, fishing, diving and boating, you begin to see the place for what it is: paradise.

A lot has been written about this chain of islands that dot the mesmerizing emerald and turquoise waters southeast of Florida, and there’s a reason they appear in publications around the world. In layman’s terms, they’re tailor-made for private flying and there’s no better way to experience these unbelievable islands.

Some 54 landing facilities cover 100,000 square miles of shallow, swirling blue water strewn with more islands than Polynesia or Hawaii, including 2,000 pristine inlets and cays (pronounced “keys”). Five percent of the world’s coral reefs live here, with sea life to match. The people of The Bahamas have wisely fostered a deep love affair with pilots and airplanes and have created a burgeoning and friendly infrastructure that beckons them.

But there remains an enormous percentage of people who have never ventured to The Bahamas. Island hopping in the Bahamas should be on every travelers bucket list. It’s fun, exhilarating and surprisingly easy to do, even in a small airplane. Getting out on the water—whether by swimming at Harbour Island’s spectacular pink beach, bonefishing off Andros, or whizzing through the massive Atlantis waterpark on Paradise Island.  Taking part in (or at least watching) the wild parades of Junkanoo, the islands’ most exuberant local celebration.  Sampling fabulous Bahamian dishes like conch fritters, fried grouper burgers, and stone crab claws—along with bottles of the great local beer, Kalik.

So why private flying….It’s About Time.  Private flying allows you great access to all these remote islands commercial airlines cannot serve.  From Orlando, you can be in the Bahamas in under 90 minutes and in tropical paradise.  Boomerang Air Charter located at the Orlando Executive Airport offer private TurboProp service for 9 passengers or less in the Swiss crafted Pilatus PC12. BMW designed interiors provide luxury and comfort that surpass commercial airlines.  Reaching the islands is a breeze….