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Jen Landa, MD, the founder of InsightBio Health, is a board certified Integrative Medicine physician with 20 years of practice in the field. InsightBio Health is located in Maitland, FL. Dr. Jen and her team of Integrative Medicine trained physicians and physician assistants help men and women feel their best by getting to the root cause of their health concerns. Common health concerns addressed by the practitioners at InsightBio Health include fatigue, poor sleep, memory issues, sub-optimal sex drive or performance, and unwelcome changes in appearance (e.g., gaining fat and losing muscle). Many people assume these are rites of passage that come with age, but the InsightBio Health team can show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The practitioners at InsightBio Health started out in “traditional” medicine, but moved to the field of Integrative Medicine because they believe in a more wellness-based way of practicing. The InsightBio Health practitioners are dedicated to looking more deeply for answers, not just treating patient symptoms. The InsightBio Health practitioners and staff have been working together as a team for years. “Our team’s passion is to help patients feel better and optimize their health so they can enjoy life now,” says Dr. Jen. 

As a patient at InsightBio Health you will start with extensive laboratory testing and an in-depth patient analysis to evaluate, and help you understand, your personal state of wellness. InsightBio Health offers individualized treatment regimens tailored to each patient’s specific needs, to optimize their wellness and help prevent illness. InsightBio Health has extensive experience identifying and prescribing : 

-safe and effective hormone treatments for men and women which are 

  carefully monitored with regular laboratory testing and follow-up

-professional grade nutritional supplements targeted to improve your specific 

  biology and thus, your specific well-being

-peptide therapy to help you achieve your health and wellness goals

-health and lifestyle interventions e.g.,  weight loss, nutrition and exercise. 

The InsightBio Health practitioners use Integrative Medicine treatments to help patients heal. Once a condition is healed, many  patients find they can cease using chronic medications, even medications they’ve used for years. Dr. Jen adds: “Many of our Integrative Medicine patients report life-changing results such as reduced fatigue, better sleep, weight loss and increased sexual wellness, to name a few.”  

InsightBio Health is welcoming new patients and looks forward to helping to guide you on your journey toward optimal health and well-being. 

1059 Maitland Center Commons Blvd., Ste. 102,  Maitland, FL 32751
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