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Celebrating 20+ years of practicing law, Kashmira Bhavsar is the managing attorney with Bhavsar Law Group, P.A.  Her practice is limited to Immigration and Real Estate Law.  She is 1 of only 74 lawyers to be Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Florida Bar—less than 1% of all lawyers in the State!  In addition, Ms. Bhavsar is an active member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), where she has held numerous Board positions with the Central Florida chapter, has been recognized by the chapter with the Outstanding Contribution Award, and has advocated for immigration reform for several years at AILA’s National Day of Action in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Bhavsar represents families, businesses, and investors from around the world to immigrate and contribute to the United States. The firm also provides real estate services from contract to closing, providing title insurance, escrow and closing services to residential clients, lenders, developers, and real estate professionals.

Her passion and journey towards immigration law is personal.   Ms. Bhavsar was born in India but raised in the United States.  She migrated with her family to New York City when she was only 1, until moving to Orlando at age 6.  As Ms. Bhavsar recalls:   “My family moved to Orlando because my father accepted an engineering position at Martin Marietta, now Lockheed Martin.  Having moved from New York City, it was a very different place, even as a child.”  She remembers almost no one else looked like her—she was either the only or one of a few Indian Americans throughout her tenure in public school.  Her parents knew the importance of assimilating in the American culture, but also equally important for their children to maintain and appreciate their Indian culture and Gujarati dialect.   Thus, during the 1980s, her parents, I.C. and Pushpa Bhavsar, along with other families, founded an informal cultural organization, now called the Gujarati Society of Central Florida.  Families would gather frequently to celebrate Indian holidays like Navrati and Diwali, as well as to watch Indian movies, share Indian food, and have picnics. Back then, there were literally 20 families in the Orlando area, thus, all of the events were organized by the parents to enjoy and share their Indian heritage/culture with their children.

Today, Ms. Bhavsar is married, with two young children of her own.  “As a parent, it is equally important to me to expose my children to Indian culture, language, and the Hindu religion; but much easier now for me, than it was for my parents.”  Her daughters have other Indian Americans in their classes at school.  “Our community has grown tremendously.  We now have strong ties with the local governments, successful professional organizations, and robust cultural organizations; invaluable educational programs for our young children, numerous Hindu temples, Indian restaurants, Bollywood dance studios, and movie theatres playing Indian movies.”

Kashmira Bhavsar is a proud American, who is blessed to have been exposed to both the American and Indian cultures; and it is her personal mission to help more immigrants live the “American Dream.” 

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