Functional Strength Training

Vishant Dave wants you to “stop exercising & start training.”  A fitness professional with more than 12 years of training and coaching experience, Vishant has worked with a wide range of clients from business professionals to home makers, from youth groups to high school athletes.  “The goal is simple, have each client move well, feel good and look aesthetically how they would like.” 

At V Fit Training the core belief is that “being strong is a choice.”  I empower all of my clients to strive for their best and I specialize in functional full body fitness. “Empowering a client to be their best both physically and mentally is my intention.” – Vishant Dave

My belief is that a client’s training should have a carry-over effect into their everyday life. A client’s program will cover the seven general motor programs, which are:  Squat, Lunge, Bend, Push, Pull, Twist and Gait. The goal with each client is to keep them safe, make them stronger and have fun during the process. 

“I firmly believe that fitness is the ultimate life equalizer. Meaning, if a person truly decides to take their fitness on and improve it then their age, gender, background, financial situation etc does not matter. A person cannot buy the fitness results that they want nor can they achieve them by simply wishing for them. However, they can be achieved through hard work, dedication and perseverance. I also believe that each of us has full control over two things in life: how much we choose to move our bodies and what we eat & drink.  I share this with my clients so they are empowered in their fitness & health journey.”

Vishant is the son of Suryakant & Vibha Dave both of Indian decent.  He was born in the Untied Kingdom and moved to the United States in his youth.  He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Finance degree and worked in Corporate America for 14 years before leaving to peruse fitness fulltime.  Vishant is a member of the Indian American Chamber of Commerce.  A large portion of his client base involves training with the Indian community.  “To be able to connect with my Indian community and share with them the benefits of living a fit and healthy life is very rewarding.”  When Vishant is not training clients, you can find him spending time with his lovely wife and two sons.  They enjoy outdoor activities, playing sports, exploring new places and having family movie nights. 

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