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Business and Probate/Trust Litigation, Certified Mediator

A go-to lawyer in Orlando’s business community, Kimberly Lorenz has been called upon for over fifteen years by individuals and businesses throughout Central Florida for help with their business, probate, and trust litigation matters.  A Certified Mediator and experienced trial lawyer, Kimberly’s skill in the courtroom is matched only by her dedication to her clients, who know she is always accessible to address their concerns and connect them to the network of resources she has cultivated through her professional and community involvement.  

“There’s really two sides to my practice,” Kimberly says.  When called to litigate, whether for a business or probate matter, the goal is to assess the situation, develop the most efficient strategy, and aggressively pursue and protect my client’s interests.  But when I’m not litigating, I enjoy being an on-call problem-solver, using my advisor and mediator side to match clients with the strategy and resources they need to navigate obstacles and accomplish their goals.”

Kimberly spent the first decade of her career defending local businesses and national retail, hotel and commercial businesses from negligence, premises liability, contract, and employment claims.  She believed taking the time to learn their business was the key to effective representation.  Along the way, Kimberly recommended changes to keep them better protected in the future.  The result was a shift in her career to serving those same clients as an ongoing full-service business ally, and a deeper sense of service to her community.   

When I began working with Kimberly, I wanted an attorney who would understand my inclusive business model and fight hard, but who also reflected my values,” says Katie Donzanti, Owner of the Peaceful Peacock in Orlando.   “Not only is Kim the best advocate for me in negotiations, but she leads with heart.  Her urgency, insight, care, and compassion are evident in every email, call, text, and meeting.  I’ve had some unexpected issues along the way, and Kim always comes through with sound support & swift action. My studio has a fierce ally and supportive friend in her.” 

Kimberly’s personal interest in her clients’ business success also led to their calling for help with their most personal matters.  While the death or decline of a loved one is always difficult, Kimberly feels privileged to offer the same knowledgeable support and guidance with their probate, trust, and guardianship matters.  Kimberly loves that in her current practice, every case she handles allows her to affect real change and make a difference.

“Clients usually come to me at their most vulnerable moments,” Kimberly says.  “Whether it’s a business or probate matter, I like nothing more than when I meet with someone and can immediately assure them:  It’s going to be ok.  I’ve got this.”