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Balanced Back & Body

Dr. Kristy Wood is a Chiropractic Physician and the Clinic Director at Balanced Back & Body. The team at Balanced Back & Body provides the very best quality care for neck and back pain. This contemporary clinic is located in beautiful Altamonte Springs and offers chiropractic, massage therapy and rehabilitation services. The Doctor has well over a decade of practice experience and continues to deliver patient-centered care each and every day.

Dr. Wood has been an athlete her whole life and suffered a neck injury when she was a teenager which led her to a Chiropractor who quickly resolved the issue. Living a natural healthy lifestyle has become her passion. Raised in upstate New York she completed her undergraduate studies with a focus in Nutrition Sciences at SUNY Buffalo. She then began dreaming of sunnier days and went on to earn a Chiropractic Degree from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2007. While growing up in an entrepreneurial family, she always wanted to own her own business and with a strong desire to help others she opened private practice in 2014. Dr. Wood lives a life in balance which consists of regular physical exercise, healthy eating, time spent outdoors, and enjoys a strong social connection with family and friends.

Balanced Back & Body offers technologically advanced modalities to bring the fastest, safest and most cost-effective relief to their patients. Along with manual spinal adjustments and Pro-Arthrostim Instrument adjusting, they utilize a wide range of physiotherapy devices such as electrical muscle stimulation, ice / heat therapy, deep heat ultrasound, flexion distraction technique, gentle spinal decompression, whole body vibration VIBEplate, rehabilitative exercises. In addition, they offer advanced soft tissue techniques which include Graston Technique, medical massage, cupping, and Rapid Release Therapy. Dr. Wood’s approach allows for treatment and management of all types of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. This comprehensive approach helps to accelerate pain relief and provide better, lasting results for the patient.

What makes Balanced Back & Body different?

“We offer short-term care for relief of neck and back pain, in turn providing convenient, affordable, mainstream chiropractic care.”