With the multitudes of lifestyle choices including lakefront, high-rise, beachfront, equestrian, golf community, amusement park and resort living, it is no wonder that the Orlando Central Florida market has become such a globally-desired locale.

With this enhanced residential demand, increased international appeal and continued expansion, it is imperative to do your homework prior to selling or buying your luxury home.  This includes researching and vetting a truly experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional. Work with an agent who not only understands the local market, but has a global network and is up-to-date with the needs and wants of those buyers.  They should be able to create a vibrant marketing strategy to put your luxury home in the best light, and from that, be able to create a profile that identifies the target buyer for your property.

By Katherine Bordelon
Broker / Owner
Castle & Cottage Realty

It is also an increasingly global marketplace, so hire an agent who understands the high-end client’s lifestyles and diverse cultural backgrounds.  To that end, your agent should also be knowledgeable in high-end home décor, design, appliances, technology, art, wine, dining,…for not only Central Florida, but most major world markets, as well.  This global reach also means that it is an increasingly fast-paced and internet-driven marketplace.  Thus, it is critical that your real estate professional is adept in digital market communications. For sellers these agents have an empirical skill-set whereby they strategically define and communicate with your target buyer. For buyers they have tactical ability and resources to pinpoint the property that speak to your luxury lifestyle demands.

It should be noted that a large percentage of the luxury market home transactions fall into the ‘all cash’ category.  Perhaps this is due to the housing market bounce back from the recession and the global economy bouncing up, as well.  Regardless of the drivers, many high-value national and international clients see the Florida real estate market as a good place to invest and to celebrate their successes. Arm yourself with the right real estate professional to buy or sell your luxury property!