dancers painting

When asked to describe himself in a few words, Mark Pulliam replied with this short list:

Artist  |  Passionate  |  Balanced

Was it hard to stop at three? Not if you’re Mark, who believes one of the most important keys to his artistic success is knowing when to put down the brush and declare a painting “done.”

ARTIST  For over 30 years, Mark has been producing “wow” art for interior designers, their clients, and individuals with distinctive taste. Last year, he opened his newest studio/gallery, Mark Pulliam Fine Art, in Winter Park, moving him closer to some of his most important collaborators.  While his catalog is available at, newer works are often sold before he has a chance to photograph them. In-person meetings are the best way to discover – or design together – the ‘must have’ piece that takes a room or a project to the next level.

PASSIONATE While Mark clearly loves art, it’s really a platform for his true passion:  wowing clients. Like every artist, he loves hearing exclamations of joy when a client sees his work – but Mark’s also a seasoned business owner and knows that even the greatest art in the world can be tainted if it’s framed incorrectly or delivered late.  That’s why he stays personally involved in every step: initial collaboration (tapping into his years as a consultant), art creation, custom framing, delivery and installation.

Aside from creating, Mark loves the collaboration period most – especially when posed with a challenge. He can capture nearly any mood or style on canvas; his work runs the gamut from the near-photographic quality of “I Want the Strings” to the wild energy of “Bow Tie Party” to the highly abstract and ethereal “Gothic Transitions.” However, his best creations are often the result of working side by side with a designer to produce a custom piece.

BALANCED  Mark learned early in his career that without something compelling to turn his brain ‘off’ from art, his creativity and passion suffered. Sports – especially tennis and golf – are where Mark can use different brain cells (and muscles) for some balance. A lot of time outside the studio is spent, on the golf course and off, with the love of his life, his wife Judy. While she has her own successful career, she’s also a business partner and a co-conspirator when planning creative date nights and “polished with an edge” cocktail parties. Together they dote on daughter Sam (now in college) and Sam’s cat Juno, who makes an occasional appearance on Mark’s social media.

To see Mark’s latest works, or plan a visit to discuss a custom project, visit