Commercial, Products Liability & Insurance Litigation


Phillip J. Sheehe of Sheehe & Associates, P.A is an attorney who specializes in commercial litigation, products liability litigation, and insurance litigation. He began his legal career on the staff of the General Counsel to the United States Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his career at the U.S. Steel Corporation, he obtained substantial experience in litigating complex commercial cases. He has tried complex commercial cases in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, West Virgina, Florida and District of Columbia.

Sheehe is a native of Marion, Ohio, though he attended college as an undergraduate at the University of Florida, where he graduated with a degree in finance and was awarded a swimming scholarship. He obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of Tennessee in 1974. During his time at the University of Tennessee, Sheehe served as the editor of the Tennessee Law Review and received the Order of the Coif in recognition of outstanding scholarship.

In 1978, Sheehe moved to Miami. Sheehe has tried numerous complex jury trials, including a trial that exceeded six months in duration. Sheehe continues to represent both major corporations and individuals in trials throughout the United States in state and federal courts.  The firm maintains offices in Miami, Lake Mary and Pensacola.


Why did you become an attorney?

I like the competition. I was a competitive swimmer at the University of Florida for my four years there; my favorite stroke was the butterfly. I’m extremely comfortable in the courtroom. I really like it; it’s fun.

What do you like best about the practice of law?

I like winning and I’m good at it. Being in the courtroom fighting for my clients brings me a lot of pleasure. Not many people hire a trial attorney to “do their best;” they hire them to win. That’s what we do and we do it well. I’m tough in the courtroom, but I can leave it behind. I’m friendly with most of my opponents because I can “leave it in the courtroom.” Most of my trials are long and complex and can take months of being in court.


Born in Marion, Ohio, October 7, 1948; came to Florida to swim for the University of Florida varsity swim team; married for 43 years; has two grown daughters; participates in U.S. Master Swimming for adults; has show horses that he keeps in Ocala.


Firm founded in 1982; main office is in Miami; Central Florida office opened in 2006. Pensacola office opened in 2008.


Sheehe & Associates, P.A. 

Lake Mary Office: 735 Primera Blvd., Suite 225, Lake Mary, FL 32746  |  407-804-9415
Miami Office: One Biscayne Tower – Suite 2650, 2 South Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33131  |  305-379-3515