By Dubraska Lima

Coming from Japan (of course), this cake was originally made from a renowned water source in the Southern Japanese Alps in combination with agar, and is now the most futuristic way to eat desserts. It looks like a big bubble of water, and it’s served with sugar syrup and kinako, a roasted soy flour typically used to accompany other sweet treats.

The original version was invented by Kinseiken Seika Company and is actually a trademark registered product. It has a really soft texture as a result of a delicate preparation that allows the water to solidify enough to keep the drop form for 30 minutes, so you can’t take it home. Even though it looks like it could be torn down at the slightest touch, the jelly consistency makes it perfect to be eaten with a spoon and rapidly melt in your mouth. 

Last year, you would have had to travel to Japan, climb a hill and make a long line to get to one of the two locations where the confection was sold. I’m not kidding, it was a complete adventure. But now, you can find it in two more cities in the U.S. thanks to New Yorker Darren Wong who decided to bring the pastry to New York and Los Angeles, giving us the chance to try a similar version of the diamond-like cake known as Mizu Shingen Mochi.

Even though the taste is pretty similar to regular water, in combination with the other two sides, it is much better and the reality is that its value is in the texture and the impressive appearance. And of course, because the main ingredient is water, this is the perfect tart if you’re on a diet because it is calorie-free. Thank goodness!