PRIME Concierge Medicine – Dr. Adam Langley & Dr. Gary Visser

Connecting with people in a profound and personal way is something Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley strive to do. Their concierge medical practice, referred to as PRIME, is the way they apply that ideal to healthcare today. This membership program is designed with direct access for patients to the physicians through text, cell, email and convenient appointments creating a more personalized visit. With a spa-like environment it feels less of a clinical setting and more of a personal reflection of their whole-life care. With two membership levels available, individuals and families alike are at the center of their medical journey.

Dr. Langley and Dr. Visser endeavor to get to know you by discussing your health improvement and wellness concerns in exacting detail. Simply put, you’re an integral part of your own health, so naturally, it all starts with their understanding of you, your goals and your needs. Knowing that there’s a lot more to life than medicine, it remains an essential part of how we refine and develop ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. This program has been created to allow you to connect with medical professionals ready to give you their full attention.

“Getting to know you is our sincere priority, we just happen to practice medicine.” – Adam Langley, MD

2940 Maguire Rd #100,
Ocoee, FL 34761

PremierMed Family & Sports Medicine

PremierMED is a General Family Practice and Sports Medical Clinic with 5 full-time highly skilled providers available to treat your family and athletes alike. Also available in their facility is a Physical Therapist – all working together to help you achieve your best health.

Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley started their medical careers at the Florida State University College of Medicine and continued their training at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Both doctors are board certified and have extensive training caring for high level athletes from World Championship 70.3 Ironman competitors, Philadelphia Phillies baseball players, professional soccer players, professional golfers, and Tampa Bay Storm arena football players, to multiple sports teams at the University of South Florida, local high school football athletes and recreational sports competitors in the community. After years of treating elite athletes, Dr. Visser and Dr. Langley brought their knowledge and skills to Orlando where they opened PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine. Besides treating the athlete, they welcome the weekend warrior, former high school or college athletes, as well as recreational athletes.

Dr. Brits is a board certified family physician. Dr. Brits believes in comprehensive family care and evidence based medicine, and he looks forward to working with you as a team to explore your goals and to reach them. His professional philosophies integrate wellness and fitness, with a strong focus on preventative medicine.

Heather Sheldon is an advanced nurse practitioner who earned her Master’s degree in Nursing at the University of Florida. Heather’s background in critical care and cardiology taught her the importance of preventative medicine. She is an IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher and believes nutrition and fitness play a vital role in maintaining health and wellness for all ages.

Carolyn Knopfle is an advanced nurse practitioner with a Masters in Nursing from Georgetown University who has an extensive background in Endocrinology. Carolyn believes prevention in primary care is often the best medicine by educating her patients on lifestyle modification. She is an avid cyclist and runner and would be honored to serve you at PremierMED.


In today’s medicine, it’s easy to feel like a number instead of a person. At PremierMED, you’re not rushed through your appointment and each question you have is answered with the utmost care and concern. You become more than a patient, you’re part of the team. Ultimately, we want to capture that which inspires all of us to push boundaries, become better versions of ourselves, and enjoy life to the fullest.

2940 Maguire Rd #200,
Ocoee, FL 34761