To be truly ‘Immersed’ is to dive unreservedly deep into (and actually become a part of) the experience. That is the thought-provoking culinary journey that ‘Immersion’ at London House delivers to a select group of 22 guests each evening.

This flavor-forward, sensory driven experience led by our multi award-winning, ‘Global Best Chef 2019’ and ‘Masterchef’ TV Star Rikku O’Donnchu, ‘The Viking Chef’, who is no stranger to the Michelin kitchens of the world, and promises to provide the most unique dining experience to culinary discerning guests from across the globe.

We met with Chef Rikku to find out more about the Immersion experience, and what the fortunate few who can get a reservation may have in store for them.

So what is the immersion experience…?

“This is a concept I developed to ignite the senses, to play with smells and textures, to taste the ingredients, connect with the atmosphere and evoke emotions, becoming truly immersed in the flavors and experience. Guests will leave with a sensation of overwhelming connection to the food, and the immersive journey they were just a part of..” says Chef Rikku.

“The food itself sends a message, sometimes uncomfortable though it may be, and translates to the importance of environmentally friendly processes, environmentally friendly product, to keep our menus sustainable, considerate of the environment, but to also tell a story of some of the traumatic conditions that are a result of our overconsumption, overproduction and wastage of the products we consume every day…

…There is a reveal, a prestige, an unraveling at every corner. There is excitement, enchantment and a lust for the unknown. Some of the dishes touch on invasive species, some emanate from locally sourced and indigenous ingredients, whilst others bend reality into concept and imagination”.

 We asked Chef Rikku, why did you create immersion?

“Because I believe food shouldn’t just be about eating, we are what we eat, we have a responsibility to our bodies, to our environment and to our minds. Everything we do has an impact on that. But food should also be exciting, it should be sensual, it should be provocative, and sometimes intrusive. Food isn’t here just to keep us alive, it’s here to provoke thought, to nourish, and for us to indulge our senses in the most complex and emotional way”.

“Concepts can be built around one ingredient, but we also have luxury items available throughout the menu itself, all sustainably farmed and organic, but adding opulence to the overall experience to maximize consumers journey through the principle of true ‘Immersion’. Truffles, caviar and ethical foie gras are some of the products featured on the new multi course, multi-sensory menu. Ethical foie gras you say? Yes – we did! And you’re going to have to come eat here to find out what we mean!” Says Rikku.

Two dishes in particular represent environmental change, and a desire to change things for the better. ‘Levitate’, Rikku’s signature dish, showcases the importance of low carbon footprint to avoid acid rain from polluting compost, which is effectively absorbed by the very things we consume. The other is ‘Amber’, an ‘insect preserved in amber’. This is a yellow transparent bread which encapsulates small dried citrus flavored insects, representing the forest, and deforestation in particular, with forest fires and the devastating effect that they have on the environment.

‘Immersion’ also features a water sommelier offering rare, artisanal, boutique water companies, all organically sourced from pH filtered, glass kept water, which adds to this unique experience.

Our sommelier will walk you through a series of wine producing techniques, famous as well as unfamiliar wines, giving balanced and world class pairings, enhancing the meal to its full potential. There are molecular drinks pairings, including some reimagined ‘new world /old world’ cocktails which will bridge the gap between classic and contemporary dining. There are tea pairings amongst other non-alcoholic drinks pairings, using locally selected blends and intricate flavor compounds for a truly delectable and immersive liquid experience to accompany and compliment the food itself.

The ingredients, libations, atmosphere and service all work together, hand in hand, to create Rikku’s ‘Immersion’ at London House, delivering a truly world class experience like no other.

Immersion is exclusively served in ‘Restaurant Immersion’ at London House, every Tuesday-Saturday evening with a single seating time of 7pm.

This 3-hour experience is limited to 22 guests per evening. Reservations can be made on the website, LondonHouse.Life, or on Open Table.