While a 17 year old growing up in Wisconsin, Roger had a passion for real estate and the art of the deal. He took an intro to real estate night course at a local community college and was fascinated by the opportunity that real estate afforded. After relocating to Orlando a few years later, he met a real estate broker who took him under his wing. It was during this time he learned everything he could about the real estate business. His mentor has remained close friends and they regularly play golf together.

In 2009 Roger saw the opportunity to start Smart Solutions Realty, LLC. specializing in transforming real estate problems to solutions. “During the recession we worked hard finding distressed properties that we were able to sell to our clients. The resulting transactions were win ,win. Usually the bank was happy to dispose of a toxic asset and our clients turned the properties into highly performing portfolios.”

Roger’s favorite aspect of owning his own brokerage is the ability to mentor and coach others who are new to the business and share his 17 years of experience. “I like the idea of helping a newly licensed agent who wants to learn the business from the ground up. It is bittersweet once an agent has enough experience to pass the brokerage exam and strike out on their own. However it is very satisfying to see their success”.

As the real estate business continues to evolve using more technology, companies must position themselves to take advantage and Roger’s company has done just that. He recently aligned with Realtygroup.com, Inc and expects to transition operations under this newly formed technologically advanced company.


“I have worked with Roger on a number of transactions both buying and selling homes in central Florida. In each and every case, things went smoothly because of his attention to detail and his thorough understanding of the real estate business. He sets the right expectation with all of his customers and keeps an open line of communication throughout the process, which in turn means he has a long list of satisfied customers. I would highly recommend Roger to anybody looking to buy or sell a home!” ~Mark K.~

“As a title closing supervisor, I have worked with Roger for several years now. His keen attention to detail as well as his customer service skills make him a pleasure to work with. I know that when we get a file from him, either himself or a member of his team will make sure everything keeps on track for a smooth closing.” Julie R.

“While shopping for a new home, Roger gave my wife and myself vital information that we needed to navigate the waters of new home shopping. His relationship skills with our new home salesperson made our transaction go smooth. He was with us every step of the way, from contract to closing. I can highly recommend Roger and his team from Smart Solutions Realty” ~Antonio F.~

“Being new to the Real Estate world I was searching for some guidance from a professional. After being turned away by several brokers that “just didn’t have the time” to mentor me, I met Roger who without hesitation offered to take me under his wing and explained how someone had done the same for him when he was in my position. He took the time to teach me all he knows and I am forever grateful for his good heart and willingness to share all his hard earned knowledge with me. His morals and way of treating people confirmed that I chose the right mentor and I’m so blessed to be apart of his team.” ~ Caysi A.~

7065 Westpointe Blvd., #311, Orlando, FL 32825 | 407-455-0411 | www.smartsolutionsrealty.com | roger@smartsolutionsrealty.com