Dr. John Cervenka, Dr. Shauna Coen, Dr. Yadiris Reiter, Dr. Diana Gomez, Dr. Jesse Edwards, Dr. Leah Ladley

Our mission at Southpark Dental Group is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive dental care to our patients. At Southpark we strive to be at the forefront of technology and to educate our patients for optimal oral health and ultimately overall body health.

Southpark Dental Group is one of the few offices in the state to provide Laser dental and facial cosmetic procedures. We have been creating beautiful smiles for almost 25years, now we are adding lip plumping and smoothing of fine lines to our services. This same Laser is being used to treat snoring by tightening and toning tissue in the soft palate. Once the tissue is tight there is a great reduction in vibration with snorers and more airflow passing through.

One of our newest diagnostic tools is a CT scanner. This cone beam X-ray takes a 3-D view of the patient’s jaw. This is essential for accurate placement of dental implants, detecting fractures, and diagnosing abnormalities in the bone.

Along with the newest advances in dental technology, Southpark Dental Group offers CEREC all porcelain crowns and veneers in a single visit. In fact, our office is equipped with the most Cerec units in the area and has been doing CEREC crowns for nineteen years. CEREC technology has revolutionized dentistry by allowing a crown/veneer/bridge to be made and put in within a couple of hours. Our patients no longer have to wear a temporary crown and return in a couple of weeks to have it placed in permanently. In addition we have an on site laboratory to fabricate bridges,implant crowns, and shade matching. At the forefront of this cutting edge technology, Dr. John Cervenka is a pioneer in CEREC dentistry using and teaching it for over eighteen years. Now our group of highly trained CEREC doctors has grown to include Dr. Shauna Coen, Dr. Yadiris Reiter, Dr. Diana Gomez, and Dr. Jesse Edwards.

New medical findings have linked gum disease with diabetes and coronary artery disease. The correlation between gum health and overall systemic health is top priority for our dentists. Our Periodontitis, Dr. Leah Ladley, is certified in LANAP and LAPIP Laser treatment to treat periodontal disease and inflammation in the gums.

Our state of the art dental practice strives to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. In addition to our caring and compassionate staff we have added heated massaging chairs to each treatment room. The bay window view of our tranquil garden makes patents feel like they are at the spa. Another thing that distinguishes our office is convenient early morning, late evening, and Saturday office hours.


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