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Mr. Van Dyke is a registered patent attorney with the firm of Beusse, Wolter, Sanks & Maire, P.L.L.C.  He concentrates his practice in the area of intellectual property law, with a particular emphasis on securing domestic and international patent protection in the technical areas of biomedicine, medical devices, regenerative science and pharmaceuticals.

Upon completing his Microbiology Master’s Degree at the University of South Florida, Mr. Van Dyke was in the process of deciding whether to attend medical school when he stumbled upon an article discussing the need for attorneys with a biotech background. The proverbial lightbulb turned on, and from that moment, Mr. Van Dyke embarked on a legal career to practice patent law.

“I had considered going to law school while an undergrad at FSU, but I did not want to discard my work and interests in science.  When I learned that there was a type of law that required a science background, I knew that was a career tailor made for me.” ~ Tim Van Dyke

In 1994, Mr. Van Dyke left Florida for New Hampshire to begin law school at the Franklin Pierce Law Center famous for its robust patent law and intellectual property programs. For the past 21 years, Mr. Van Dyke has been representing some of the country’s most highly esteemed research institutions, including Columbia University, University of Colorado, University of Florida and UCF.  Mr. Van Dyke also works with some or Orlando’s most successful tech start-ups.

“When I left Florida, I was not sure I would ever return home, but I was fortunate to find employment opportunities that allowed me to establish my career back in my home town of Orlando. Practicing Patent law allows me to exercise my legal and scientific knowledge on a daily basis, and I receive tremendous gratification in helping companies and institutions protect their inventions and discoveries.”

Mr. Van Dyke is a member of the Florida bar, and is licensed to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit, U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Mr. Van Dyke holds a BS in Biological Science from Florida State University, a MS, Microbiology from University of South Florida, and Juris Doctor from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

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