To find an attorney in Orlando is not a challenge, but to find one with true heart for his clients and their families might take more digging.  Travis Williams is a man who is deeply committed to his own family so when clients and their families come to him with life impacting legal needs, he so naturally fights for them in court with the same passion and aggression as if they were a member of his own family.  His unique approach has resulted in an extended family of very loyal clients who trust this attorney to do everything possible to represent them well.

During his studies at Stetson University College of Law, it became clear to Travis that his area of practice should be trial related.  He was awarded the prestigious Victor O. Wehle Trial Advocacy Award which is given to the law school’s most accomplished trial litigator.  So, after receiving his law degree in 2000, Travis immediately began his litigation career as a Florida State Prosecutor for Orange and Osceola counties where he gained valuable criminal trial experience as well as a deep compassion for the defendants, their families and the vulnerability they can experience without quality and skilled representation for their court cases.

The Law Office of Travis Williams was founded in 2002 because of Travis’ desire to be a steadfast advocate for those facing the uncertainty of a battle in court.  Travis is clear that the work he and his staff do is not about his personal success but only about serving their clients well to ensure the very best outcome possible in all cases. He is personally accessible to all clients and he has intentionally kept the firm small to maintain this focus.

Evidence of the impact that this caring but aggressive attorney has had on his clients can be found in the winning court results as well as in the piles of notes and cards from clients and their family members with words like: “amazing lawyer but even better person”, “proven case winner that is ethical, honest, aggressive, and professional”, “he did what everyone else was scared to do”, “changed me and my family’s life”, “has heart and truly cares”,  “loves his family and fights hard for his clients”, “made a miracle happen”, “best attorney in Orlando for any complicated court case.”

When Travis is not helping his clients, he can often be found analyzing teams and running training sessions for the ACYS Girls soccer club team that he coaches.  He finds great joy in helping his players to grow in character and to develop their soccer skills.  As a youth, he was greatly impacted by his involvement in team sports and by the coaches who encouraged him.   As a result, he knew that he would want to coach as an adult.

Together, Travis and his family seek out ways in which they can use their gifts and resources to serve.  As a family with three young children, it was natural that their service would show up in their schools and in their church, but they have also mentored and helped support other children and families who have been put in their path.   Their family has come to greatly respect the work of the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. In 2011, Travis and his wife Francee worked together with another couple to start the Sunday school program at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.  The two couples wanted to involve their children in the efforts so they began the annual Kids Caring for Kids Bake Sale and earnings from the sale are used to help fund the Sunday school classes.  The program has grown to include several other faithful volunteers and sponsors.

The Law Office of Travis Williams specializes in criminal defense, personal injury and civil rights litigation.  Travis is admitted to practice in Florida and has vast experience in both State and Federal courts.