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While spending more than two decades in the Central Florida real estate market one key element keeps Realtor, Broker Associate Brynn Munro passionate, motivated, and focused.  “My career is about assisting people with what is likely the biggest investment of their lives. It truly matters to me that the job is done with utmost care, accuracy, and sincere integrity. Buying or selling a home can be very stressful. Each time I am put in the position of buying or selling real estate for myself, I am reminded of just how much this is true. I do my best to take away as much of those stressors as possible for my clients.” Munro says.

Although Brynn grew up in a small farming town in Southern Illinois, Central Florida has been her home for over 23 years. She was only 19 years old when she first got her real estate license while living in Las Vegas, Nevada. A few years later in 1998, Brynn moved to Orlando where she had more family as she was expecting her first child. “The Orlando and Las Vegas real estate markets have a lot in common. Both were and continue to be two of the fastest growing markets in the country, as well as the economies of each city having foundations in the tourism industry.” These similarities made the transition a lot easier on Brynn as she earned her Broker’s license in Florida and shortly after opened her own small boutique firm, The Real Estate Place of Orlando, Inc. Munro hired a few agents and her business centered on downtown Orlando. “When the crash of 2008 came upon us, I concentrated more on my growing family, although I always kept my company and license active, and continued to sell a few homes every year, even in the worst of times.” 

Starting in 2014 Brynn took her career in real estate to the next level. “Dissolving my firm gave me the opportunity to focus more on what I love to do, and that is taking care of my customers. I love helping people. At the end of the day, I am a Midwest girl. Whether you are buying or selling I still believe in the Golden Rule—the customer is always right. I offer concierge level service. If I need to help you resolve a credit issue, I am willing to help. If we need to find a rental for Grandma so we can make a closing date happen, I will take care of it. I pride myself in being different than other agents in this way. These values align with the values of Corcoran Premier Realty. With the current market conditions trusting your agent is more important than ever before. Buyers and sellers alike are scared because things are changing quickly. They want someone with experience in their corner, and I give them that.”