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Board Certified Construction Lawyer Hill Rugh Keller & Main


Andy graduated from University of Florida law school in the top 10 in 1984 with aspirations for politics. But politics didn’t happen. A position with a distinguished national law firm lured him to Orlando instead.

Andy started his career digging through construction project documents for one of the firm’s major clients, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. Also, the firm’s varied client base allowed him to become the go-to junior lawyer in commercial cases, from street-fight noncompete battles between rival garbage companies, to high-stakes land use litigation. He became an all-purpose commercial litigator. As a native Spanish speaker, he smoothed communications with clients and witnesses in an increasingly bilingual Florida.

In 1997, with a baby on the way, Andy Showen became in-house counsel for a national home builder, doing land deals. Four years in-house allowed him to acquire new skill sets — real estate and development law, working day to day with division presidents and land managers. Andy also grappled with picketing homeowners, internal investigations, land use, and lawsuits large and petty. 

In 2002, Andy joined the legal department of a global insurer as its first construction lawyer in Florida.  He was certified by the Florida Bar as a construction law specialist in 2009.  “Hardest test I ever took. One guy got up and left at lunch, and never came back.” 

Then, while litigating a roof defect case on a Polk County potato warehouse, Chris Hill — Orlando Style Legal Elite, 2016 — and Andy Showen met. Chris had the general contractor, Andy had the roofer. Instead of tearing each other’s clients up, they calmly and methodically found common ground against the plaintiff. They hit it off personally.    

Andy joined Hill Rugh Keller & Main in 2015. That year, Andy and Chris tried a million dollar warehouse fire case to a directed verdict for their client. He’s defended contractors at the firm for four years. Andy also pursues payment and lien claims, and handles contract drafting review and insurance advice for his construction clients. He enjoys working with the cross currents of ideas commercial and insurance law, and helping advise clients at the front end of projects and deals. “Working in house taught me so much. You see how and why the problems start. Little things, like getting a volume discount on a certain type of window, or the stucco crew getting replaced — you know what little things to ask about that turn out to have big impact.”

Yoga and meditation help him keep his focus. “I’ve been accused of using Jedi mind tricks.” Keeping a family tradition going, Andy’s a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, where he captains the color guard in parades.