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When a person suffers a life-altering injury, life care planning becomes essential to their future. Life care planning is forecasting medical costs related to long-term illnesses or injuries. A well-researched life care plan enables an accurate understanding of what resources are required to meet these needs and how much they will cost. A well-presented life care plan helps ensure the traumatically injured receive the long-term care they need and deserve. 


Strata Medical integrates life care planning and expert medical insight into a visual medium to educate and clarify complex topics. Born from the professional experiences of founder Avi Bhandary in Medical Illustration and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Strata Medical enhances attention through visual content while educating about the emotional impact one endures in an injured state. Strata Medical has provided life care plans in three states in less than two years. Uniquely positioned within the healthcare landscape, Strata Medical will expand into markets adjacent to life care planning this year. 


Dr. Bhandary will complete coursework in Healthcare economics through Harvard Business School this February and looks to bring insight into the actual cost of healthcare. An in-depth understanding of Healthcare economics is a critical step in the balance of fact and is crucial to understanding what resources are required to meet the needs of those who are traumatically injured. 

“I draw inspiration from Medicine, Law, Art, and Economics. That inspiration, combined with an engrained commitment to improving, allows our life care plans to represent the needs of the traumatically injured in a clear light. Without that life care plan, the injured are forced to look at their lives through a lens of limited chances.” –  Avi Bhandary, MD

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