Physiatrist and Regenerative Medicine Expert

Pallavi Cherukupally, MD, co-owner at Regenerative Sport, Spine & Spa, specializes in the use of regenerative medicine to correct common orthopedic issues that are typically treated with pain medicines, steroids and surgeries. 

Regenerative therapies such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate (BMA) containing stem cells are a promising treatment for common injuries such as tendonitis, rotator cuff tears of the shoulder, meniscus tears in the knee, and disk derangements of the neck and back. For those who wish to avoid unnecessary surgery and the side effects of prescribed pain medicines, regenerative medicine may be the answer. 

Most injuries involving the musculoskeletal system are treated sequentially with steroids, physical therapy and eventually surgery when all else fails. Most people are not aware of the damage that these chemical medications are doing to their bodies. Steroids, while effective at eliminating pain in the short term, have been shown to also cause the following:

– Tendon weakening or rupture

– Thinning of skin and soft tissue around the injection site

– Cartilage damage with long term, repeated injections

– Avascular necrosis (death of the soft tissue due to restricted blood flow)

– ​​Increases the likelihood of needing a joint replacement by 9% per steroid injection

PRP and stem cells from BMA are natural treatments that come from our own bodies, so there is no chance of rejection or no harmful side effects. Both PRP and BMA are a regenerative soup of healing factors that promote and initiate the rebuilding process within our bodies. While the immediate gratification of pain relief may not exist, the long term benefits of this treatment speak for themselves as there is no risk of infection, addiction, prolonged downtime or repeat surgery. There are multiple studies that can be found online about the benefits and outcomes of using this treatment method compared to the common treatments as outlined above. 

Patients who have taken advantage of these services at Regenerative Sport, Spine, & Spa have reported a 60%-90% improvement in function and reduction in pain following treatment.

“We have seen many people avoid surgery, stop the use of narcotic pain medicines and return to the joys of their youth.”

Dr. Cherukupally

Dr. Cherukupally is a graduate of LSU medical school where she earned her MD degree followed by a Residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Chicago. She went on to complete a Fellowship in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine. She has been working in non-surgical orthopedics for nearly 20 years and has performed more than 25,000 injections in the spine, joints, and soft tissues.