Millennium Homes Realty, LLC, Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

Danny Hilwa has a unique passion for Orlando, having lived in the area for 44 years since he was 3 years old. Attending Park Maitland, Trinity Prep and Rollins College, he has watched Central Florida develop from a small town into the magnificent city that it is today. 

He has been licensed for 21 years specializing solely in high-end luxury properties, gaining intense experience with a proven track record of results with top sales and numerous awards throughout his career. He is an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) and is fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic. 

Danny believes that the key to this industry is loyalty and taking the time to treat each client like family rather than as a transaction. Many agents preach this but rarely follow through and try to juggle many clients at once. As a result, he is proud and humbled to have an amazing reputation built by repeat clients and referrals using very little self-advertising. He is committed to his family and feels his upbringing is the cornerstone of his success. In fact he is fortunate to have both his parents and his brother as neighbors in his community, which he feels is his biggest blessing. Danny and His wife Diana love to travel experiencing cultures and learning traditions abroad. 

Over the years he has developed amazing skills in the art of negotiation because all the postcards and ads mean nothing if your agent does not understand that the core of real estate is intense and calculated negotiation. Danny is proud to have closed over $135 million in personal sales, and these earned numbers are his own. The general public does not realize that most agents often combine the sales figures of multiple agents in their office as a team and lump their sales figure in their advertisements to show a cumulative but misleading volume to lure your business. Many do the same when representing “combined years of experience.” Always remember that even the best surgeon can only do so many procedures without sacrificing the quality and attention to each patient. Please remember that you will truly only be hiring ONE agent to represent you, even in the largest office or the best team it will be one individual you will be calling consistently for help. If it seems that your agent is boasting sales that seem so high and unrealistic-that is exactly what they are doing. Remember when you get a ‘Just Sold’ card in the mail most of the time the agent who mailed it to you DID NOT actually sell that home, they merely are letting you know it just sold with their photo nearby misleading you to believe they were involved. There are many excellent agents in Orlando and Danny urges you to find the agent, not the office, who will give you the attention you need and deserve to make the process work in your best interest. 

Find the agent that wants to represent you, not sell you. As a resident of Vizcaya, Danny specializes solely in Dr. Phillips, Windermere and Lake Nona, with 100 percent of his sales in these areas that he knows and loves. He is truly honored to be able to be a part of Orlando’s growth and would love the opportunity to represent you and your family. Considering his humility and dedication to the luxury market and Danny’s love for Orlando, his motto remains the same from the day he started two decades ago: “The one thing money will never buy you is class!” 

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