Diana Bolivar & Associates

Diana Bolivar is a global citizen with deep roots in Orlando.  Born in Colombia, she has been a resident of Orlando since 1988. She is the Principal for Diana Bolivar & Associates and the Vice President for Complete Quality Roofing CO, (Revildor), a residential roofing construction company she co-owns with her husband, Luis Quevedo.

Diana has been instrumental to the development of the business landscape of Central Florida. Her business experience and cultural elasticity led to the opportunity to serve a global community through her own international consulting business development firm, Diana Bolivar & Associates. Her varied portfolio of clients includes the Orlando International Airport, PromoExport Puerto Rico and Florida Abolitionist.  Yet, since hurricane Irma hit, Diana and Luis have kept busy re-roofing Central Florida with their Florida roofing company, Revildor.  Their motto is to treat every home the way they would want to be treated by a contractor.  They advocate for clients with insurance claims and assist the homeowner by going above and beyond the scope of work.  “Revildor has become part of the solution for their neighbors in Central Florida,” Diana says.

When she is not busy running her companies, Diana is advocating for children’s rights, education, and victims of violence, to name a few.  

Recently, Diana joined a community of non-partisan leaders in Central Florida, including Dick Batchelor, former legislator and long-time children’s activist to advocate for the Children’s Trust in Orange County. There is a shortfall in resources to meet the needs of Orange County’s children.  Orange County is the only metropolitan area without a Children’s Trust.    

Diana also serves on a roundtable with other cross-sector leaders for a special project, led by Mark Brewer, president and CEO of the Central Florida Foundation. This project will impact our emerging talent pool in Central Florida and education’s impact on the community’s quality of life through the Central Florida College Access Network (CF-CAN).  

Additionally, Diana is fervently committed to working with Tomas Lares, President of Florida Abolitionist. Diana, a survivor of abuse and violence, joins Florida Abolitionist’s plight to end human trafficking, the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. Children, teens and adults from every state and social status are forced, coerced, or manipulated into becoming sex slaves. Reports rank Florida third in the nation for human trafficking “I want to help take Florida out of this ranking,” concluded Diana. 

Diana pays it forward by continuing to mentor young women in our community and is a big fan of Athena Orlando Women’s Leadership. “We have remarkable women in our community and many are represented in the leadership of Athena locally,” says Diana.

To learn more about Diana visit: www.dianabolivar.com or follow her on Twitter: @Diana_Bolivar3