Redefining ‘patient-centered’ healthcare for Orlando families


It should come as no surprise that Lara Hitchcock, MD, FAAFP, describes her practice as “patient-centered,” but those in her care will see that term take on new meaning.

In May, she will open her new MDVIP-affiliated practice. MDVIP is a national network of primary care physicians who choose to have smaller practices in order to take a more individualized and proactive approach to healthcare. As an MDVIP affiliate, Dr. Hitchcock will reduce her practice from over 4000 patients to no more than 600.

“These days, people are spending more time waiting to see their doctor than they are actually spending with their doctor.  My dream for the new practice is for no one to wait in my waiting room,” Dr. Hitchcock said. “Appointments will start on time and be unrushed, so my patients and I have time to focus on prevention and wellness in addition to addressing acute needs.”

“I am also excited to offer the comprehensive MDVIP Wellness Program Plus which includes advanced health screeners and diagnostic tests that will be performed right in the office. Preventing chronic conditions like heart disease require more than just knowing cholesterol levels. The extensive cardiovascular screenings that my patients will receive each year are designed to assess risk even before symptoms arise. With these insights, we can come up with a plan for prevention, early treatment or even potential reversal of disease,” Dr. Hitchcock added.

The unique benefits and services offered in Dr. Hitchcock’s MDVIP-affiliated primary care practice, ranging from a customized wellness plan to a personal medication management program, appeal to individuals and families in Orlando who want a more personalized healthcare experience.

Complimentary, get-acquainted meetings are available to discuss the components of the program, including the MDVIP Family Plan option for patients with dependents up to age 26.

Dr. Hitchcock has been practicing in Southwest Orlando for 18 years. She is a graduate of the esteemed Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and has been among the Best Doctors® in America as voted by her peers every year from 2005 to present. Dr. Hitchcock is on the Board of Directors of the Integrated Independent Physicians Network and a member of the Clinically Integrated Network of Orlando Health. She also served as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Florida State University’s School of Medicine.


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