Internal Medicine Physician

Dr Gabriela Montes recently joined Family Physicians Group (FPG) as an Internal Medicine physician and has over 5 years of experience as a healthcare provider. Dr. Montes grew up in Canada, and then went on to graduate with her Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Manitoba. She then earned her Doctorate degree from St. Matthew’s University and completed her residency at the NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. She speaks both English and Spanish.

Dr. Montes is a highly skilled physician with experience in treating the ever-evolving needs of her senior patients. She understands that as patients begin to age and their individual needs continuously change, they require  a comprehensive senior-centered healthcare model like the one offered at FPG. This integral approach allows the physicians and care team to really focus on each patient as a whole, by offering them a coordinated care plan focused on all their concerns while helping to target their specific health and wellness goals. At FPG, Dr. Montes and the care team also help their patients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, so that they feel supported every step of the way. Dr. Montes always emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with each patient by taking the time to listen to them, get to know them and truly dive into learning about their health history. This allows her to develop a personalized treatment plan for her patients, directed at addressing their health issues, while carefully explaining to them how to follow it so they feel confident to do so once they get home. Dr. Montes defines a successful physician-patient relationship as one built on mutual respect and trust. She wholeheartedly views the relationship as a partnership on the road to accessing a healthier lifestyle for her patients. Dr. Montes places great value on the opportunity she has to spend sufficient time with each of her patients at FPG, this helps her ensure that they are receiving the best care possible from her and the care team.

When she’s not at the office, Dr. Montes enjoys traveling to new countries to explore different cultures and cuisine. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends at home.

Dr. Gabriela Montes-Aldana, M.D. | Family Physicians Group | 407-537-0411