Verte Chiropractic

Verte Chiropractic is located in beautiful downtown Baldwin Park. Verte Chiropractic is owned and run by Dr. Taylor Wheaton, DC and Dr. James Baily, DC.  Together, they have established an office with a contemporary feel and equipment which is utilized in the latest evidence-based research. Along with adjustments, they provide a spinal rehabilitation protocol specifically designed to restore proper biomechanics, spinal curvature and posture. This non-invasive, individualized protocol is a great solution whether you are an athlete looking to increase performance, or you work a desk job and are looking to improve your work ergonomics. This treatment protocol is based on the detailed analysis of digital x-ray images which are provided in-house to ensure the most accurate and specific treatments are being provided. They have tremendous success healing patients which have chronic headaches, neck and low back pain, scoliosis, excessive forward head carriage and hunched backs, sciatica, and torticollis.

Dr. Taylor Wheaton grew up in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. She graduated Magna Cum Lauda from East Carolina University with a degree in kinesiology. Dr. Wheaton has been an athlete her whole life with her focus on basketball, where she played shooting guard during her time at East Carolina. She attended and graduated Palmer Chiropractic College discovering her true passion was working with pregnant women and babies. She has since continued her post graduate education gaining more knowledge about restoring proper biomechanics to infants and children along with helping women experience a more comfortable and healthy delivery.

Dr. James Baily grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where much of his family still resides. He graduated Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology with the intentions of continuing his education to become a chiropractor. He found his passion for chiropractic after seeing the amazing benefits it had for his mother who suffered from back pain throughout her adult life.  He also attended and graduated Palmer Chiropractic College where he met Dr. Wheaton. They have been married since May of 2018. Dr. Baily’s true passion is working with athletes and helping them achieve their individual performance goals.

As Verte Chiropractic continues to grow, they have expanded their service offerings to improve their patient’s overall health and wellness. They are looking forward to expanding their business with the creator of Advanced Muscle Reconstruction, Jimmy Bluff and 2-time Arnold Classic winner Candice Keene with the intent of continuing to improve outcomes for their patients. They strive every day to provide excellent care for patients in Baldwin Park and the greater Orlando area.

1814 Jake St,
Orlando, FL 32814
P: 321-214-8737