Next Generation Chiropractic & Wellness

About Dr. Hewett:

Dr. Audra Virginia Hewett always  knew she wanted to go into medicine.  After gaining work experience at a local primary care physician’s office and hospital, she visited a chiropractor.  After observing how a chiropractor helped people in a prevention- oriented environment, she knew that a more natural approach to healing was a perfect fit for her.

About Next Generation Chiropractic & Wellness:

Dr. Hewett believes in the utilization of state-of-the-art technology in her approach to adjustments and spinal manipulations.  Just as lasers have replaced surgical instruments in surgery, advanced technology has been made available to chiropractors to help assist in delivering spinal and extremity adjustments, resulting in a more gentle method of alignment. The correction of balance and function does not have to be a jarring, unpleasant procedure.  Our technology based treatment for the spine and extremities often gives our patients a soothing, relaxed feeling.

In addition, Next Generation Chiropractic & Wellness also offers technologically advanced modalities such as: Class 4 Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy for pain relief, advanced gentle spinal care technology, and optimal wellness advice and goals, complimentary massage-chair usage, a wide range of physiotherapy; such as rehabilitative electrical therapy, ice/heat therapy, ultrasound, infrared light therapy, and gentle spinal decompression. We also offer a wide range of nutritional counseling and supplements. Professional practitioners of medical massage and energetic body work are also available which are often used in conjunction with Chiropractic care.

How We Are Different

We are a concierge practice dedicated to treating you as a “whole person”. 

Dr. Hewett prides herself in spending time with her patients, focusing on their concerns.   This means that she and her staff work with  individual wellness needs, then craft personalized care plans to help them achieve their goals.   

Our patients often report  better coordination, more restful sleep, back pain relief, improved posture, fewer colds, less stress, fewer headaches, and more energy. 

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