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Your body, given the right conditions, has a miraculous innate ability to fix itself.  This is why cuts heal, broken bones mend, and infections pass.  Whether it is due to accident, injury, abuse, or age the scales can tilt towards disease and the body’s response alone is no longer enough to maintain balance.  Regenerative medicine harnesses this inherent capability and includes treatments aimed at stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms. The goal of treatment is to replace and regenerate these damaged tissues and restore normal functionality.

Regenerative medicine offers a natural, safe, and affordable alternative to deadly drugs and invasive often ineffective orthopedic surgeries.  Dr. Rollman and his staff at Wellspring Regenerative Medicine provide cutting edge treatment for common and frequently debilitating musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain.  The therapies provided at Wellspring Regenerative Medicine include Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Prolozone Therapy and Nutritional Supplementation.  Each patient’s treatment protocol is individually tailored to meet their goals and expectations.

Due to their overwhelming success rates and his unwavering confidence in his proprietary protocols, Dr. Rollman is excited to announce that Wellspring Regenerative Medicine is the home of:


“If your procedure does not provide a reduction in the frequency, intensity or duration of your pain, or if you’ve had no improvement in your daily activities; We will redo it at no additional cost at the 12 month mark. No questions asked!  No hoops to jump through! No legal disclaimers or jargon!  Although we cannot guarantee results, we are fully invested in your success and aim to be your healthcare partner, not just your health care provider.  We stand behind our products and procedures with a promise that is unrivaled in Regenerative Medicine.”

If that’s not enough, he will beat any written competitors quotes by 10% for similar services and he even offers a “DO-OVER” at half of his usual rates if you have already had a procedure elsewhere with underwhelming results.

Common Conditions Treated Include Pain & Damage of Bone, Cartilage, Tendon, Muscle and Ligament: (Examples Include)

• Knees
• Shoulders
• Hips
• Spines (Neck & Back)
• Elbows
• Wrists & Hands
• Ankles & Feet

Dr. Rollman is a member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).  Dr. Rollman and his staff offer live seminars, live and recorded webinars, in office consultations and even telemedicine consultations to prospective candidates throughout Central Florida free of charge.

As a SPECIAL GIFT to our subscribers, Dr. Rollman has offered to do ONE FREE regenerative medical procedure drawn at random from a list of candidates that comes in by May 31st for a FREE CONSULTATION and mentions this article.


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