Dr. Rodriguez is excited to announce coming this Fall 2020 the launch of her new concierge private practice! Adhering to the highest standards of healthcare ethics and enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms through hands-on chiropractic therapies, emotional aromatherapy, and nutritional intervention, her new and revolutionary practice model will restore one of the traditional healthcare delivery systems that was implemented in the inception of modern medicine—doctors performing in-home visits. Guiding patients in their transition to natural and non-toxic healthcare remedies, concierge style approach will first include detailed nutritional and biomechanical analysis which she will use to provide individually developed care plans to guide you through your drastic health transformation in just 12 weeks. The question is, are you ready?

“I believe in practicing what you preach and will never recommend anything for a patient that I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing for myself or for my family,” states Dr. Rodriguez. “My care plans are evidence-based and I have personally gone through the programs while developing them myself in preparation for opening my own private practice.” Her promise is to commitment to your health improvement, with real results, tackling all facets of the intricately interwoven body systems: mind, body, and spirit.

“Regardless of your ethnic background, religious beliefs, or lack thereof, all three of these systems tie together and effect the overall well-being of the human frame. And that’s the God’s honest truth.”

“I will join you on this mission to help your body heal as it was designed to do innately. I will support and guide you through your healing process so you can usher in a new existence of revitalized health and optimal wellness, not just surviving from day to day.” ~Dr. Linda L. Rodriguez

So, again, are you ready for the future? Because it’s here! Now accepting early appointment scheduling before our grand opening launch—just call, text, email or DM.

P: 407-590-6462 | my.doterra.com/DrLRod | IG: @electric_evolutionary | EnergeticEntity@gmail.com