Digestive and Liver Center of Florida

Digestive and Liver Center of Florida promotes a patient first experience where we deliver sophisticated medical care in a compassionate and caring environment. Founded in 2005, the practice has attracted an exceptional and diverse team of physician specialists serving central Florida with a broad spectrum of internationally recognized authorities in gastroenterology, hepatology and colorectal expertise.

Digestive and Liver Center continues to expand with six locations, two Endo-Surgical Centers, and tenured relationships with central Florida’s leading hospitals. Patients find our brand of care promotes a clear and understanding view of their condition and available treatments with a full range of procedure and screening options, from colonoscopy and esophageal endoscopy to advanced procedures addressing complex conditions.

The founding partners, Dr. Srinivas Seela and Dr. Harinath Sheela, both of whom earned their gastroenterology and digestive diseases Fellowships from Yale University School of Medicine, continue to architect growth of Digestive and Liver Center of Florida, and its associated Endo-Surgical Centers and ancillary services of pathology, anesthesiology, clinical research and imaging, to create a destination where patients learn about their condition and how to better manage their own care with the sensitive guidance and treatment from our specialists.

Our GI specialists: Dr. Basher Atiquzzaman, Dr. Moin Kola, Dr. Jessica Narváez-Lugo, Dr. Seth Lipka, Dr. Joseph Webster, and Dr. Sedat Ekici. Our colorectal surgeons: Dr. Sergio Larach, Dr. Sam Atallah and Dr. Elisa Bianchi. In addition, the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida has 14 Advanced Practice Providers who, with our physician corps, cover 365 days per year in the medical centers supporting the work of our physicians.

Among the conditions and diseases our specialists and team of advanced practitioners treat at our state-of-the-art facilities are: Abdominal Pain, Swallowing Disorders, Heartburn and GERD, Barrett’s Esophagus, Constipation, Colon Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Complex Liver Diseases, Diverticulosis, Fatty Liver, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Fecal Incontinence, Lactose Intolerance, Rectal Bleeding, Pancreatitis, and Weight Loss.

100 N Dean Rd #101, Orlando, FL 32825 | P: 407-384-7388 | www.dlcfl.com